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Swine Solutions

At New Standard, we have the experience and expertise to design and build the right swine solution for you. In all our swine solutions, we use the most up-to-date technology from Electronic Sow Feeding to disease resistant hog pen panels, and we pride ourselves in our attention to detail. As of 2018, New Standard has designed, equipped and continues to support over 70 successful group sow housing systems in the world. Our hog barn designs have gained international attention; we have had people from every continent except Antarctica visit our various facilities.


Poultry Solutions

The New Standard Group has designed and installed equipment in over 100 poultry barns in the United States and Canada. Our team has the expertise to draw up a barn design that fits the needs of your operation. We will equip your barn with the latest technology and systems that reduce stress among your birds. In all of our barn designs, poultry or swine, our number one goal is to make the animals comfortable. When they are less stressed they are healthier, which leads to less mortality and more production.