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New Standard Group was founded in 2006 as a partnership between Tim Kurbis, Kees van Ittersum and Jan van Issum. We opened our first office then in Manitoba, Canada. In 2007, Kevin Kurbis joined as a partner, and we completed our Eagle Creek Colony Electronic Sow Feeding project, setting the industry standard for group housing. In the same year, New Standard also started a new wave of turkey barn construction in the Dakotas. With these builds, we have set design standards that continue to be copied today.

In 2008, Tim moved to South Dakota to focus exclusively on the U.S. market. He continued to expand our presence in the United States, and in 2013, we formed New Standard US, Inc in South Dakota. A year later, we moved further west and formed New Standard West Equipment, Inc in Alberta, Canada. In 2016, our expansion continued as we partnered with Melbourne Farm Automation, who now markets New Standard Group solutions in southern Ontario.

Notable Milestones

Nedap 2016 Dealer of the Year


  • New Standard Group was recognized by Nedap as their Premier North American dealer at Eurotier
  • As of 2016, New Standard Group sold more than 1,200 Electronic Sow Feeding stations in 53 individual barns, feeding 78,000 sows within our facilities


  • With the help of New Standard Group’s marketing, Nedap became the North American market leader in sales volume


  • New Standard West Equipment officially joins the New Standard Group to better support markets in Western Canada.


  • Maple Leaf Agri Farms selects New Standard Ag Inc for the design and supply of the Electronic Sow Feeding projects.


  • New Standard US, Inc became the design engineers of choice for Thomas Livestock in Nebraska for their Electronic Sow Feeding projects


  • New Standard Ag Inc completes the second phase of Eagle Creek attaching a 10,000 head finishing barn to the sow unit.


  • New Standard US, Inc designs and supplies the equipment at the Red Willow Sow Barn which was honored by a visit by SD Governor Daugaard


  • New Standard Ag Inc installs Electronic Sow Feeding at the University of Manitoba, allowing the U of M to open the Bruce D Campbell Farm and Food Discovery Centre to the public


  • Sold and completed the Eagle Creek Colony Electronic Sow Feeding facility which set the new industry standard for group housing
  • New Standard begins a new phase of turkey barn construction in South Dakota and introduces functional models for tunnel ventilation in turkey finishing houses to South Dakota.


  • New Standard Ag Inc is incorporated June 05, 2006 forever frustrating one of the partners wives as her birthday falls on the same day.