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Plastic Penning & Gating

We supply and customize PanelTIM hog panels for barns and pens of all sizes. PanelTIM's polypropylene panels are stronger and more sanitary than traditional PVC panels, and they are much easier to work with than steel penning. This penning is quick to install, easy to maneuver, and a breeze to clean.

All of our penning and gating solutions are custom designed and fabricated to fit each barn. We focus on designing a pen layout where you and your animals are able to move efficiently through the barn. Learn more about polypropylene hog paneling below.


Comparing Hog Pen Panels: Polypropylene Vs PVC

Learn how installing new Paneltim polypropylene or traditional PVC hog pen panels into your barn has a large impact on the quality and efficiency of the barn.



What Do Producers Really Think of PanelTim

PanelTIM's polypropylene panels have taken off in the hog industry with their combination of lightweight materials, durability, cleanliness, and good design. We interviewed two producers to see how their PanelTIM penning and gating has held up to the test of time... and sows.



Reasons to Include Plastic Hog Penning in Your Swine Barn Design

If you are about to put together a new swine barn design, check out these 3 reasons you should include Paneltim plastic hog penning and gating systems.



Why You Should Use Polypropylene Panels Everywhere

Using polypropylene hog pen panels rather than PVC throughout your properties—not just your barns—can help improve your biosecurity to keep your herd healthy.