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Sow Housing Design & Support

Group sow housing success comes down to the barn design and pen layout, not just the ESF equipment. We take the time to sit down with builders, engineers, barn managers, barn staff, equipment suppliers, and everyone else involved in the build and daily barn operations. We will strategically implement their suggestions and guide the entire team through decisions you may not have thought about.

Support is what sets our team apart. Partnering with New Standard guarantees you a support team for the life of your barn. We understand the power of having that team you can depend on 24/7 when issues arise. New Standard will be there for follow-up training, education, and to pick up the phone when you call.


The Importance of a Group Sow Housing Partner Beyond Install

For Forst, the biggest difference between New Standard and the group sow housing competition has been our follow up. Hear it from Forst himself in this video.



The Process of Converting to Group Sow Housing (Video)

Converting to feeding sows electronically in group gestation pens is not an easy decision. Hear from Chet on his experience during Pig Hill's barn conversion.


Building With New Standard: A Barn Owners Perspective

Alec Boekhoven is a hog producer in Southern Ontario who made the transition to loose sow housing. Hear why he chose New Standard to design and equip his barn.



How Each Swine Barn Makes the Next One Better

Through all of our swine barn builds and remodels, we have met hundreds of brilliant producers and barn staff members. Their input influences all of our designs



4 Questions to Ask Your ESF Salesman

Effective group sow housing depends on high quality ESF equipment, but it goes deeper than that. Make sure to ask your ESF salesman these 4 questions.



Why You Should Never Buy ESF Equipment

Precision feeding technology provides the opportunity to step up your barn production, but new equipment alone will never give you the high-functioning barn you desire. Keep reading to find out why.



Everything You Need to Know Before a Sow Housing Remodel

Sow housing remodels can be daunting tasks, but they don't have to be. With proper planning and the right hog barn design, the remodel should run smoothly!



Should I Design My Sow Pens for Static or Dynamic Groups? Small or Large?

Should you use static or dynamic group gestation pens? Should your groups be large or small; and what about parity? We answer this and more.



Forward Exit ESF Just Works. Here's Why.

At New Standard, we strongly believe that forward exiting electronic feeders facilitate the best barn layout for sows. In addition to being supported by research, forward exiting just plain works. Read on to see why forward exiting is vital to ESF success.



6 Musts of a Successful Gestating Pen Design

Considering converting to a group gestating pen design? Make sure to check out these 6 essentials when putting your pig barn plans together!



What Not to Do in an ESF Pig Barn Design

Putting together a pig barn design is a long and detailed process. As you weigh out your options, consider what NOT to do when designing your feed systems.



How to Design a Hog Pen that Minimizes Sow Aggression

Knowing how to build a hog pen that mitigates sow aggression comes down to understanding how to take the opportunities for aggressive behavior away. Learn how!